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Pony Express Stops at Museum March 2

The Superstition Horsemen’s Association will be carrying the mail in a Pony Express ride on Saturday March 2, 2024. Riders will travel through and around Apache Junction. Starting around 10:00 am at City Hall on SR-88 and Superstition Blvd., horseback riders will be making handoffs along Main, Old West Hwy, Goldfield, Silly Mountain Park, the Superstition Mountain Museum, Goldfield Ghost Town, Prospector Park, Lost Dutchman Boulevard, Meridian, McKellips and Idaho, and ending at the Hitching Post Saloon on SR-88.

Postcards to be carried on the ride are available at the Superstition Mountain museum, or from any Superstition Horseman’s Association member, The Hitching Post, or Paula’s Crazy Horse Saddle n Tack Shop. You supply the $5 for the postcard, write on it and return it, and we’ll supply the postage for the card to go anywhere you choose to send it.

Pony Express Route & Timeline for March 2, 2024 through Apache Junction

There will be a handoff at Superstition Mountain Museum (Leg 14) near the Chapel around 12:20. 


Leg 1: City Hall W. on Superstition to N. Plaza Dr. S to shopping center and through the parking lot to the Marquee at the NW corner of W Apache Trail and N Apache Trail. 10:10 am

Leg 2. From Marquee W. on Apache Trail to Ironwood Dr. Crazy Horse Tack and Stuff. 10:20 am

Leg 3. From Ironwood Dr. W. on Apache Trail to Meridian Rd. with handoff at Office Maxx parking lot. 10:30 am

Leg 4. From Office Maxx make a U-Turn around median at light on W. Apache Trail and Meridian Rd. E on W. Apache Trail to Shoppers Supply parking lot. 10:40 am

Leg 5. From Shoppers Supply E on W Apache Trail to Idaho Rd. in front of QT. 10:50 am

Leg 6. From Idaho and W. Apache Trail continue SE on Old West Highway to Tomahawk Rd. 11:00 am

Leg 7. From Tomahawk Rd. SE on Old West Highway to Goldfield and E. Southern Ave. 11:10 am

Leg 8. From E. Southern Ave. E to BLM fence crossover. Continue SE towards Mountain View Rd. Once at Power Lines, stay on power line trail and cross Mountain View Rd. and go to Silly Mountain Parking Lot for hand-off to leg 9. 11:20 am

Leg 9. Reverse course of leg 8. Hand-off will be along E. Southern Ave just before Goldfield. 11:30 am

Leg 10. From E. Southern Ave go N on Goldfield Rd. to Broadway Rd. 11:40 am

Leg 11. From Broadway Rd. N on Goldfield Rd. to Superstition Blvd. 11:50 am

Leg 12. From Superstition Blvd N on Goldfield Rd to Lost Dutchman Blvd. E on Lost Dutchman to end of pavement. 12:00 pm

Leg 13. From end of pavement E. on Lost Dutchman to Powerlines. N under Powerlines to Highway 88 12:10 pm

Leg 14. Cross Highway 88 and enter Weekes Wash. Travel upstream in Weekes Wash to the Trail that takes you East up over to Food Truck Picnic Area. Cross Highway 88 and Loop the entire Superstition Mountain Museum from the South side to the East side then west along the North side fence. (You will be on the inside of the fence) You will do a running Hand-off over by the Chapel. 12:20 pm

Leg 15. From Museum, cross Highway 88 and go back through Food Truck Court and over to Weekes Wash. Travel upstream and over to the Goldfield Ghost Town. Perform running Hand-off along “Mainstreet” traveling N up the hill towards the Chapel. 12:30 pm

Leg 16. From Hand-off travel N towards the Chapel and leave the Ghost Town on the N. side. Head Westerly across desert to SRP Substation. on Hackamore Rd. 12:40 pm

Leg 17. From SRP Substation and Hackamore Rd. SW parallel with powerlines along main trail over to Cortez Rd. Alignment. 12:50 pm

Leg 18. From Powerline Trail and Cortez Rd. Alignment, SW over to Prospector Park. Through Horse Parking and Staging area out to paved N. driveway area for running Hand-off. 1:00 pm

Leg 19. From Hand-off travel W to Idaho Rd. Go S. on Idaho Rd. To Lost Dutchman. Turn W On Lost Dutchman and Hand-off to Leg 20 near bottom of hill. 1:10 pm

Leg 20. From Lost Dutchman and Idaho go W. on Lost Dutchman to Ironwood Dr. Cross Ironwood Dr. and Hand-off to Leg 21. 1:20 pm

Leg 21. From Lost Dutchman and Ironwood continue W to Meridian Rd. N. on Meridian to P&M Arena for Running Hand-off. 1:30 pm

Leg 22. From P&M Continue N on Meridian Rd. to McKellips Rd. Turn E on McKellips and Hand-off to Leg 23. 1:40 pm

Leg 23. From McKellips and Meridian travel E on McKellips to Ironwood Rd. Cross Ironwood and Hand-off to Leg 24. 1:50 pm

Leg 24. From McKellips and Ironwood Continue E to Idaho Rd. Turn S and travel S. on Idaho to Overhead Powerlines. 2:00 pm

Leg 25. From Idaho Rd. N of Prospector Park at Powerlines travel S. on Idaho to Lost Dutchman. E. on Lost Dutchman to W entrance gate of Rodeo Grounds. 2:10 pm

Leg 26. ALL RIDERS as one large group, Continue E. on Lost Dutchman Rd. to Highway 88. Cross Highway 88 and turn S. into the back parking lot of the Hitching Post Saloon. All riders will stop at Main backdoor entrance to the Hitching Post and wait for the final Hand-off of the mail to the Post Master. 2:30 pm


Postcards are available at the Superstition Mountain and Lost Dutchman Museum