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Superstitions @ the Superstitions (Feb. 19-25)

Welcome to the Superstitions at the Superstition Mountains!

Hosted by the Superstition Mountain & Lost Dutchman Museum, TGAPtv presents Superstitions @ the Superstitions February 19th-25th, 2024

Join us for an extraordinary event in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Arizona. Explore the mysteries of UFOs, UAPs, Bigfoot, Star People, and other unexplained phenomena with an expert team of paranormal researchers, investigators, and enthusiasts. Here’s what to expect:

Monday through Thursday

The Museum grounds close at 4 p.m. and will reopen for Sky Watch at 7:30 pm. The program will begin at 8:00 pm. The museum grounds will close no later than 10:30 pm.

Tickets will be available at the door for $20 beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Friday through Sunday

The Museum grounds will be closed at 4 pm to all but evening lecture ticket holders. The lecture area gate will open at 3:45 pm. The parking lot gate will close at 4:15 pm, so please be on time. The program will begin at 4:30. The museum grounds will close no later than 10:30 pm.

Tickets will be available at the door for $25 beginning at 4:00.

The museum grounds will close no later than 10:30 pm.

Lecture & Sky Watch Details:

At this point, AccuWeather is predicting partly cloudy skies most nights with the best chance for clear skies at Sky Watch time to be on Wednesday and the worst on Sunday. Keep your eye on the weather as the forecast changes.

The location of the programs will depend on the weather. If it’s chilly, lectures will be in the chapel. Sky Watch will be held in the amphitheater on clear evenings and in the chapel or barn on cloudy evenings.

Friday Lecture: UFO & UAP Activity in the Superstition Mountains & Arizona
Ty Goff and Jeff Grunow will discuss UFO/UAP activity in the Superstition Mountains and link the ancient world to the region. Goff will be explaining how the pyramids were built and recent findings in Arizona of hieroglyphics suggesting Egyptians were also involved in our area.

Saturday Lecture: Pueblo People, Star People, & Ancient Prophecy
Ron Regehr, Alex Hern, and Jeff Grunow will examine the “who, what, when, and where”.

Sunday Lecture: Bigfoot
Kevin Kheen, Alex Hern, and Jeff Grunow will reveal insights about the history, myth, legend, and real-life experiences surrounding Bigfoot. They will also explore the idea that Bigfoot is linked to UFO activity.

Monday through Sunday: Sky Watch
High-powered telescope equipment will be used to view and identify unexplained moving “stars” seen with the naked eye. You’ll learn how to debunk most of what is seen, but question that which is unexplainable. Keep your eye on the weather as the forecast changes.

About the Speakers:

Alex Hearn

Alex Hearn was born and grew up in one of the oldest and most historic cities in the country, Quincy, MA.

Alex first had his own encounter with the unknown at the young age of 12. He has been interested and trying to learn more about and search for Cryptids ever since.

Alone, hiking out of the White Mountains of New Hampshire on a cold winter day in 1973, Alex had an encounter that changed his life forever. What happened is a story he will never forget and has told many times over the airwaves and in print. Somewhere between towns of Lincoln and Pittsburg with 3 small dogs in tow, Alex was followed for over two hours by something that stayed just out of view but within earshot of heavy footfalls and branches being snapped. For a distance of over 2 miles Alex played cat and mouse with something that seemed both intelligent and curious.

Although terrified at the time, Alex later felt maybe he had the encounter wrong, and that whatever followed him might have actually been making sure he made it out of the forest safely. Although the creature in question seemed to be able to move very fast when it wanted to, it mirrored his steps all the way to the forest road Alex was trying to reach. Once Alex reached the road, the creature didn’t follow any more.

When Alex just started college, he lived in another historic, and mysterious city ~ Salem, MA. In Salem Alex met and associated with some of the most interesting of characters, like Salem’s official witch Laurie Cabot. Alex learned the true history of the area, as  Salem is also considered one of the most haunted cities in the country. Its history goes back to the 16th century. For a time both Salem and Quincy were home to many pirates and sailors. There are related stories about both cities, tales of giant fish and sea monsters. Having grown up and worked on the water, Alex owned a boat for most of his life. This is also where he experienced some giants of the sea first hand. In 1980, Alex was lucky enough to view in person the Giant Kraken (the same creature that is now in the Smithsonian) when it washed ashore in Massachusetts. It was not the first mass of flesh that Alex and his Dad saw on the beach or in the water, just the only one that could be identified.

Alex and his wife Eily moved back to Quincy and started a family. They lived in Quincy for many more years before moving to another of the most mysterious areas of the East, the heart of what was later called “The Bridgewater Triangle”. The Triangle is considered by some to be one of the most paranormal locations in the world. Here Alex began actively searching for the unexplained. One night he and Eily both heard a giant bird attacking rabbits as they raided the garden. They will never forget the sound of giant wings flapping in the dead of night. Alex stuck his head out the window and caught a glimpse of something carrying away not one, but two rabbits. The tomatoes were staked about 4’ feet apart between the rows. The wing span of the bird they saw blocked the length of 3 rows ~ that would be 12’+.

The wing span of the largest owl known in that area runs at most 7’. Actually seeing and hearing a bird of this size led Alex to begin searching for the unknown.

Alex moved to Arizona in 2004 where he continued his interest in paranormal activities and soon founded the Arizona Cryptozoological Research Organization. Originally a small group of researchers based primarily in Arizona, the AZCRO now has members from not only the United States, but beyond as well. Alex has been called Arizona’s leading cryptozoologist (Shanna Hogan, Times Publications). Alex and the AZCRO Team have searched throughout the Southwest for giant bats, giant birds, wild cats and other more mysterious creatures such as Bigfoot, Chupacabra and the Onza.

Recently Alex has been on the trail of giant mountain lions in Northwest Arizona, along with jaguars in the Southwest and central mountains of Arizona. The State of Arizona recently confirmed what Alex has been saying for 6 years ~ the jaguar (the largest cat in this hemisphere) is now living as it did 100 years ago in Arizona (See “Macho B”). Alex is collecting evidence that may prove that jaguars are settling much further north than what the Arizona government admits to.

After his possible encounter in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in 1973 Alex spent many years researching and educating himself on the different types of Cryptids throughout US and the world. Alex has searched on both sides of the country and in Mexico for Bigfoot (known as “the Mogollon Monster” in Arizona. Alex has many contacts throughout the United States, including most of the major players in the world of Cryptozoology.

Recently Alex has been involved in expeditions with other groups such as Searching For Bigfoot Inc., in Arizona, and The Crypto Four Corners, team led by J.C Johnson out of New Mexico. During these expeditions, Alex experienced his 2 Class A, (BFRO Classification system) Bigfoot encounters. He and his team have had numerous Class B and C incidents both as a group and on their own.

Alex is continuing his search for the unexplained in Arizona in 2010 and has many projects in the works. Alex is a frequent guest and periodically the host of The Bigfoot live Radio Show, heard every Wednesday night 7-8pm PST.

Kevin Kehne

Kevin Kehne, AKA “Arizona Squatch” is a lifelong outdoors enthusiast and wilderness survival specialist. Kehne is also a disabled combat veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm who has been retired since 2009. He spends his time in the outdoors and had a “Bigfoot” encounter in June of 2017 on a family outing on top of the Mogollon Rim. He is not out to prove the existence of Bigfoot, but rather, to share his experiences. With just over 10,000 hours in the field, boots on the ground since 2017, ten daytime sightings and countless night time sightings/interactions, Kehne learned a great deal. He considers this “A field of learning” and follows his own advice: “Don’t let your paradigm dictate your experiences, let your experiences dictate your paradigm!”

Reverend John M. Polk

Reverend John M. Polk is an International Metaphysical Minister with a B. A. in Metaphysics and a Ministry from the University of Sedona. His Ministry is Wolf Spirit Ministries. John is also a Mikao Usui Reiki Master/Instructor since 2011. The Reverend worked as a Psychic Medium at the Center Of The New Age located in Sedona, AZ in 2018.

He currently works as a tour guide in Sedona specializing in UFO Tours along with Ghost, Vortex, Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Journey Tours.  Reverend Polk also speaks and Emcees at UFO, Metaphysical and Spiritual Conferences around the country.

John used to broadcast live on his show Quantum Hologram Matrix. His show largely covered ETs, UFOs, the spirit world, spirituality, quantum consciousness, healing modalities and much more.

He has written two books on these topics as well. Reverend John has a universe of followers both in this realm and in the ethereal. There are countless witnesses to his ability to attract Angels, Sentient Beings and UFOs. He also has many clients and friends who can attest to his skills as a Reiki Master/Instructor.

John is not the healer, the Universal God Consciousness is. He is merely the instrument this healing love energy travels through. Most of his close friends have had close encounters with him and will go on record to relive their experience. He will tell his close friends and love interests that if you spend time around him, your vibration increases to a higher frequency which opens up your Pineal Gland. This translates into seeing various anomalies.

Please know that when you’re with John or if you join one of his classes that you are protected. He has legions of loving Angels and Sentient Beings that follow him around to make sure he and everyone else is safe. The Reverend prays and meditates every day for himself and others to send a love vibration frequency that everyone can feel because Love is the most powerful currency and consciousness in the Universe.

Ty Goff

With the gift of pattern recognition, Ty Goff is a Visual Geometrist Artist, Designer/Builder and independent investigator with over 34 years of exploration & research into the unifying geometric principles & patterns that built the Ancient World.

With Ancient Egypt as his current focus, Ty’s discoveries conclusively prove that the Egyptians used a set of Geometric Templates to design their art & architecture, which is perhaps most exemplified in the Giza Plateau Pyramid Complex, that Among other things functions as a terrestrial port for Ra’s Solar Barque.


Vendor Opportunities

On Friday, Feb. 23 – Sunday, Feb. 25 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. the Museum will offer lectures, vendor booths and demonstrations by practitioners involved with metaphysical and the healing-arts. Those interested in engaging with our visitors on these topics are welcome to register for space on the Museum grounds. Participants may set up all day from 9 am – 8 pm.

  • February 19, 2024 4:00 pm - February 25, 2024 8:00 pm
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On Friday, Feb. 23, Saturday, Feb. 24 and Sunday, Feb. 25 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. the Museum will offer lectures, vendor booths and demonstrations by practitioners involved with metaphysical and the healing-arts. Participants may set up all day from 9 am - 8 pm. If interested, call 480-983-4888, option 3.

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